Sunday, October 07, 2007


Rollen Update (About Time!)

Rollen is still in jail. He has recently had a hearing to determine if he should be released, but he figures there's not much chance.

He spends his days writing to news organizations, trying to get his story out. Unfortunately, the longer that he's locked up, the more likely it is that people will forget about him. The young generation would only know of him if they saw old sports videos or the ESPN clip about him that came out a few years ago.

When I write to or speak with him (he's allowed to call out), I'm unable to convince him to do more for himself. He's determined that his mission from God is to preach to the inmates. This gets him in trouble - with both staff and the other inmates, who just want to serve their time and be left alone.

Meanwhile, the years go by.
It's a little off topic, but how did Rollen Stewart get all those amazing tickets?
Rollen was given free tickets by those who wanted to see him be successful. Other times, he would buy the cheapest seats, and move to the prime spots and sit in the aisles.
I was marching in a Spokane Valley Parade in 77' and I saw this guy wearing a rainbow wig and a big mustache. I thought he was funny (not knowing anything about his message) and then I saw him at a Seahawks game in Seattle. After that I saw him at every major sporting event in the country on TV. I always wondered if it was the same guy I saw on that hot day at the Spokane Valley Parade. The California prisons are over crowded and this guy has three life sentences. he should be released..
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