Saturday, June 04, 2005


"100 Days Left"

Last night I received a phone call from Rollen, after not hearing from him for quite a few months.

He was distressed that everyone had cast him aside - most particularly his daughter and David, the fellow who was going to make up a website for him. When I mentioned that I thought that David was becoming apprehensive because of the kinds of things that Rollen was saying in his letters, Rollen said the following: All the years that he had been talking about John 3:16, he had been preaching the love. Now it was time to pay the reaper. There were 100 days left. Accountability was at hand.

Rollen seemed frustrated that there was no chance of getting out of prison. Even though his next appeal was next month, he had already received a copy of the psychiatrist's report - and it was the same report. "He just photocopied it," Rollen said.

"Prophets have been prosecuted throughout history," Rollen continued. It would be no different with him, he seemed to be intimating.

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