Saturday, February 12, 2005


After the Super Bowl

I know that I have become a disappointment to Rollen. He was so enthusiastic about getting back in contact with me, but I quickly realized that his joy was at reaching anyone in the world outside his cell.

Rollen wanted (and still wants) someone to spread his message of the upcoming Rapture. It's coming on Rosh Hashanah in October, 2005. That someone isn't me, however. It wasn't in 1980, when we first met, and it isn't now in 2005.

Rollen phoned and wrote constantly around the New Year, wanting someone to go to the NFL games to send the message. He wants a John 3:16 website. He's convinced that people will send tens of thousands of dollars to that website to carry on this campaign.

Like many who believe that the Rapture is nigh, Rollen has found plenty of "proof" in current world events. Yet he was also certain of Rosh Hashanah, 1980 and Rosh Hashanah, 1981 and Rosh Hashanah, 1982 and especially Rosh Hashanah, 1992 when he was found guilty of taking three hostages in a Los Angeles airport hotel.

Rollen's views are becoming extreme. (Maybe they have been all along, but either I brushed them off or they are evolving). He has to become careful that the state of California doesn't decide that Rainbow Man is where he needs to be. Prison.
I agree George. I want to help Rollen but his contacts with me are becoming increasingly disturbing. I regret I have to think long and hard about a web site for him. I just don't know anymore.
I am curious. Why does Mr. Stewart believe that this year the rapture will occur? What led him to believe this would have happened in previous years?

I definately appreciate the man's zeal for our Lord, but I'm not sure about kidnapping.

Having said that, what if he is right?
vegtrev, He did NOT kidnap anyone. To Mexican men went with him into the hotel, then left. Rollin was unaware that the maid was in the room. She locked herself in the bathroom. She was NOT kidnapped.

More media slant.
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