Wednesday, December 01, 2004


Olympic Trials and Tribulations

Did you know that, despite being interrogated and held for a short time by police at both the Moscow Olympic games in 1980 and the Sarajevo Olympic games in 1984, Rollen was probably most frustrated at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic games.

The other two were mostly inconveniences, but the problem with L.A. was the cost of the events. He ended up going to very few events - instead, he ministered to people outside the venues.

His appearance must have caused quite a stir! In those days the wilder the look the larger the threat. Years later the threat comes wrapped in a plain wrapper; the less noticable you are the more suspicion it aroused. Today we've come full circle. The appearance of a threat is now ethnic clothing. It takes an IMMENSE courage to witness about Jesus in countries where christianity is outlawed and very often punishable by death or banishment for even verbalizing scripture.
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