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Missing the Point?

I find it interesting, but not that surprising, that Rollen Stewart is remembered after all these years. Whether you feel that it was a calculated "fifteen minutes of fame" or that he was true to his beliefs, there is no denying that he was "in our faces" for over a decade. Perhaps as important, people still remember him and they remember John 3:16!

Like many media sensations, Rollen's story suffers from the same urban myths or "broken telephone" misconceptions.

I found a weblink that talked about how Rollen "... would purchase the best seats possible at the greatest sporting events" and then went to Los Angeles with a plan "... to hijack a jet to another continent," but that something went wrong "... probably at check-in, and he ended up taking hostages." Sounds like it would make a great movie, but where did this person get his info from?

First of all, not once did Rollen purchase the best tickets. Occasionally, these were given to him. Instead he would either walk down to those seats and sit in the aisle or get the people sitting there to make room for him. And of course, some people would offer up their seats, if only for a few minutes, because they agreed with his message and wanted to help him get it out.

Secondly, the event in which Rollen found himself arrested was in an L.A. airport hotel. Rollen took two Mexican immigrant workers with him to gain access to the hotel, and after they ran away, he barricaded himself in a hotel room with the goal of getting world-wide satellite time to spread his message. He didn't realize that a maid was in the room. She locked herself in the bathroom and had nothing more to do with him - nor he with her.

A dumb idea - sure. But one which resulted in three life sentences - for kidnapping? No way. Rollen of course sealed his fate by not accepting the crown's offer for a twelve-year sentence because he wanted more media attention.

Rollen's case and the resulting sentence is hardly on par with history's grave injustices, but the fact that 2005 is approaching and that there seems to be no end to his jail term does strike me as unfair. I have agreed to help Rollen raise money for paper, stamps and incidentals and later - if more money does come in - to hire people to continue his John 3:16 campaign, if he cannot, because of this injustice. Agree or not, Rollen's sentence exceeds the penalties usually laid out for an equivalent crime. Perhaps being the Rainbow Man worked against him.

Missing the point scores a bullseye! Why is what you've just read not the jaw dropper your used to seeing when it comes to Rollen Stewart? Because in the sensationalism driven media we've come to know the TRUTH has to be stranger than fiction! The "TRUE" journalist feels compelled to spice up a story If it doesn't meet the "hook effect" they feel will bring their readers back for more. Translated: the crap written has to have enough manure so you'll want to read the next compost pile put into print. It seems I had to dig a hole clear to China a couple years back to get the real story about Rollen in that hotel room. The "TALE GROWS TALLER ON DOWN THE LINE" mentality often is routine anytime 2 or more people are having a conversation. We practice it on a routine basis (Im just as guilty as the next person) so lets stop buying into It! 18 years ago 2 brothers I worked with at a local hotel got into a argument with a 16yr old friend of theirs. On the banks of the Yakima river these 2 23yr olds clubbed that boy to death and dumped his body into the river. 8 YEARS LATER I RAN INTO THEM AT THE LOCAL SUPERMARKET! Lawyer sleight of hand got them reduced to a lesser charge. 16 yrs ago a man in my line of work in my area gunned down his ex-wife in her driveway as she returned home from work. Granted her kids went thru things that you could label her the SCUM OF THE EARTH! The justice system should have had their crack at her. However that didn't justify 5 slugs in her skull. But get this 12 yrs later he's out and depending on the job he and I could be working side by side. My old girlfriend who I still care very much about was attacked in the middle of the nite by her ex-husband as she and her kids slept. He pistoled whipped her savagely turning her face to human rubble then spilled enough of her blood on the carpet that cleaning It was futile and had to be replaced. If that wasn't enough he kidnapped at gunpoint, her and the kids driving them 120 miles away to a wooded area where he hoped to finish the job. 2% more blood loss and she would have died on the carpet of her home. It all ended when in desperation she broke away and got a passerby to call the police. The worst part? he did all that to her in front of the kids; ages 2 and 4. There is so much about her so special and caring and so much about her that is DESROYED FOREVER! But lucky her! He got a grand total of 13 yrs! Having served 3 so far barring something she can't prevent he'll be wanting the kids for the weekend in 18 months based on "good" behavior. I want the punishment to fit the crime! I DO NOT EXCUSE A CRIMINAL ACT. Why so much to some when others get so little? Summary: Find the real facts and not the made for TV version!
He had a gun, the woman escaped him and locked herself in the closet. Your version of the story does not make sense. He goes in a hotel room, somebody locks theirself in a bathroom for no reason and he gets three life terms. No wonder the person who commented on this first was angry. He lost his tinfoil hat, and your article reaked of truthiness. Furthermore, do you honestly feel that he is safe for the outside world? The impression I get from your blog is no, and you are a pro Stewart source. God forbid what an unbiased look would show.
where are all of the pictures and videos of the man. Everyone states he has been seen by 2.8 billion people, but I have only seen two "not so good" pics of Rainbowman. I figured I could at least catch a clip of hm on you tube, but no luck.

-interested reader-
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