Friday, November 26, 2004


Yesterday's letter from Rollen

After spending the past six months in Solitary Confinement, Rollen is worried that the football season is half over, and anxious that no one has started a "John 3:16" banner campaign.

Yesterday I received a quickly-compiled letter from him. I knew that he had rushed because, in the past, he has used plenty of colored markers to write Bible citations and messages on the envelope. This one was all in pen and simply declared:

Rapture! Feast of Trumpets! Rosh Hashanah! 2005!

In the letter, he gave instructions to his supporters on how to make banners, where to place them, and how to ensure that they get on TV.

He needs financial assistance to get people to make up the signs, to go to the events and to continue his monthly media mailings. You can help Rollen in different methods.
1. go to and donate to the account set up for Rollen .
2. Send a cheque or money order made out to "Rainbow Man" and send to Rainbow Man, Box 131, 3353 Credit Woodlands, Mississauga, ON Canada L5C2K1

If you wish to leave messages for me and/or for Rollen, please use the same email address:

Rollen's letter ends with: "I must obey Jesus rather that earthly authority!" Acts 5:29

What a pleasure to hear from Rollen recently! Please put Rollen on your prayer list and e-mail EVERYONE you know about his plight! All the info you might need is on this blog site. Faith in Jesus has carried me beyond my petty wants. Please reach out to rollens needs, he's done without for so very long! Think about that this holiday season when your bed and your meals are warm.
Saddly JOHN 3:16 signs are at sporting events but they are often in an unnoticable spot. Because of Rollen doing it in the past it seems to have become a sports decoration. Many viewers just gloss over it(the unsaved who the message is meant for). The pizzaz or the zest in the display needs to return. That responsibility lies in the christian who brings it. Don't just hang it on a fence it should be in your hands at the ready at all times! Todays society needs bells and whistles to get their attention. The message of Gods salvation for us is to powerful to let sit stationary. The more flash the more our curiosity is aroused. If affective the unsaved will say "hmmmm John 3:16 whats that about"?
That's right, everyone -- it's time to dip into your wallets and fork out some cash to anyone who can spit a few lines of scripture onto a piece of paper. In the meantime there are thousands of charities, non-profits, and service groups across North America that are changing people's lives on a daily basis; these organizations all need your financial assistance much more than some jailed religious zealot lacking a pencil.

But it's hard to see past that, sometimes, isn't it? It's much easier to think he's doing God's work and open your pocketbook than to consider the organizations that stand up against greedy multi-nationals who would rape our land and poison our water for the sake of profit, or that distribute lunches to children who otherwise would not eat, or that provide protection to women who have finally taken a stand against their husband's abuse, or that give shelter to the homeless by providing them with a warm place to sleep. And this is just a fraction of the organizations out there, all manned by hard working volunteers who donate their time and energies to reduce the violent, decaying stench of this cesspool of a world in which we live; a stench that is, in some ways, made more pungent through the wanton acts of this "Rainbow Man" as he cuts across man's and God's laws in his fanatical crusade.

If Rollen Stewart has the word of God in him, he can minister for free. By all means, give this man your prayers and well-wishes, but let God handle his finanical affairs; He will provide, if it's His divine will. I ask only that you exercise some of the free will and higher thought He's given us through His grace: please donate your money where it can do the most good for the most people.
From what I can tell Rollen ministered for free for many years. Selling all his belongings and living in his car got him to events. Being a volunteer myself for many years I learned along time ago the term "non-profit" goes hand in hand with the belief of the "honest car salesman". In order for agency's to be known very large amounts of money is used for advertising, housing the agency not to mention the largest chunck going to administrative leaders who while collecting in many cases a healthy wage love to stand behind the title "volunteer". This is corporate AMERICA nothings free. Whether you live in the city or a small town 90% of your donation goes to administrative costs and 10% goes to the cause. What fuels the non-profit pyramid? The tax write off! Businesses who after their write off donation will recieve a 2nd bonus of being in the agency's ad as a contributor. In many ways this is a cess-pool world. Keep in mind though the country who creats, fuels and promotes the worst evils known to man is the good ole USA! Our clothes finance sweat shops, our gas funds terrorists our food has to be harvested by migrant peasants since were to good for that work. Of course we have artificially feel good at all times so drug traffickers get the largest cut from their best customers US! Its easy to regale against the ills of the world just keep in mind who's funding it. Contact agency's who house, feed and protect people in danger and find out if the volunteers are on salary. You will find volunteers the problem is their usually only used on holiday's. I have no problem kicking a man a couple bucks for stamps, envelopes, pens and being able to send out witnessing tracts. I know my 10$ will be recieved as 10$.
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