Thursday, November 25, 2004


John 3:16

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

That's nice. Makes me feel like I should take a maid hostage and wait for the rapture, then when the rapture doesn't come, get ass-raped in a super-max prison for a couple decades.
Thats a pretty insensitive thing to say so I'll comment by asking myself some questions. Have I stolen before? Yes, that makes me a thief. Have I had sex with someone I wasn't married to? Yes, that makes me an adulterer. Is forgiveness available to me? Yes, because of Jesus giving his life for me If I ask god for forgiveness AND TRULY MEAN IT WITHOUT JUST PAYING LIPSERVICE TO IT BY NOT DOING THOSE THINGS ANYMORE I'M NO LONGER A THIEF OR AN ADULTERER. The blood of Jesus and a relationship with my savior forgives me. Nothing here is designed to make Rollen a famous man or an idol. We as christians have no right to claim GODS glory as are own. Did Rollen commit a terrible crime? Yes. Does that make his punishment a lifelong atonement? I say no. Have I felt so strongly about something that I took it to an extreme? Yes. Rollen used a media driven tv watching society to get out a simple message of the love of JESUS CHRIST. Did it get away from him and allowing himself to commit a crime? Yes. Earthly authority has punished Rollen far more than the norm for a crime of this nature. Ask yourself; have you done anything today to carry the message of JESUS'S love for you and the life you have? With Jesus you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. He is coming back much sooner than you expect. ARE YOUR BAGS PACKED?
Much sooner than I expect? Wasn't it supposed to happen six days after Rainbow Man held that maid at gunpoint in that hotel room?

How'd that work out? I didn't see hardly any rapture that week. (...and the thing I did see one night turned out to be the Aurora Borealis.)

I lead a moral life because it's my default setting and it's the right thing to do- not because a higher power is watching.

It's just a bonus that I'm perfectly happy not attempting to kill people for believing differently, as Rainbow Guy here, not to mention so many other religious people, appear ready and willing to do...
You seem to have many great qualities going for you Mclusky it's a shame forgiveness and compassion are not among them. LET HE WITHOUT SIN CAST THE FIRST STONE! In no way shape or form have you lived the perfect moral life. Jesus knows that better than you do. He loves YOU KNOW MATTER WHAT IF WERE WILLING TO ADMIT WE ARE NOT PERFECT! Morality without a relationship with Jesus is like sand running past the fingers of an open palm.
I've got plenty of compassion and forgiveness- but clearly this guy is a fruitcake- why give him money? Why let him out of jail if he's just going to predict the rapture is coming again and take more hostages because, hey, it won't matter after next Thursday, right?

Dude- quote all the scripture you like- throwing money at a wacko and hoping he's freed from prison so he can hurt more people aren't noble goals. You're not working on freeing Manson, are you?
Lets not use the term wacko; the proper term is Jesus Freak! If you believe in Jesus your a freak right? Rollen Stewart-Charlie Manson the similarities are astounding. I'm tired of the media comparing the 2. Rollen's crime is cleary defined if you've read to this point. Now for Charlie; masterminded the premeditated murders of 7 people. Charlie preached that the black man was going to rise up and start killing the whites and turn the cities into an inferno of racial revenge. The black man would win this war but would't be able to hang on to the power he seized because of innate inferiority. He called his armageddon "HELTER SKELTER". "It will be our world then",Charlie told his followers. "There would be no one else, except for us and the black servants". He Charles Willis Manson, the fifth angel, "Jesus Christ" would then rule the world. The other four angels were the Beatles. Is it any wonder Rollen Stewart and Charles Manson are mentioned in the same breath? Gimmee a break DUUUDE. The idea isn't to throw money at Rollen. How about the ability to sends letters to people? IE stamps,envelopes,legal representation, that costs money. Simple things like pens, paper maybe a candy bar. sounds like alot I know. If Rollen was financially well off he'd been displaying JOHN 3-16 signs back at sporting events years ago. Thats the reallity of it. Nobody's asking for a million dollars (he can't recieve it anyway) just that the punishment fit the crime. YOU ARE STANDING AT YOUR LOCAL DETENTION CENTER SCREAMING THAT EVERYONE'S JUST TRYING TO GET TO OUT TO RE-AFFEND RIGHT?
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I don't think you're a freak if you believe in Jesus. I do think you are dangerous if you hurt other people, and saying he did it for Jesus doesn't excuse it.

What was Rainbow Man doing with that gun in that hotel room with those two day laborers? Why did he plant all those bombs? Why take a hostage? He's not a Jesus freak- he's a psychotic who needs to be locked up until he can understand that you just don't do that.

If Jesus wasn't his motivation would you be aligning yourself with him? Let's not forget, Rollen's crimes were premeditated too- he built the bombs, he got ahold of a gun...

Some would consider Rainbow man's prediction of the rapture coming six days after he started taking hostages just as wacky as Manson's predictions.

And by the way- if you happen to know the world is ending what kind of scum-bag starts taking hostages because it won't matter in a few days? What a self-centered prick.
Wow - what a dialogue between you two! As the person who has made up this blog, I'm caught in an unusual position.
One of the reasons why Rollen chose me to keep the silver coins that he received from selling his ranch (back when he had any money!) was that I was a non-believer. So I can see the argument about someone not trying to impose their will on others.
But Rollen genuinely feels that his ministry was - and is - to speak to those who say they only watch sports and never hear about John 3:16.
As to his mental state, after more than a dozen years of travelling and living in his car,& facing much more rejection than acceptance, that can probably be determined by someone with more professional qualifications than I have.
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