Wednesday, December 22, 2004


The Limitations of a Blog

It should have been apparent to me earlier that a blog has some limitations that a regular website doesn't.
  1. Because each new blog message appears right at the beginning of the site, anything really important that you posted earlier gets pushed further back.
  2. The address: is difficult to remember/find/put on a banner, etc.

These are important to me because:

  1. People need to know right away that the website is about Rollen Stewart, the Rainbow Man, who they probably remember from years ago.
  2. An address like generates fewer visitors, which I need both to learn of Rollen's attempts to start up his campaign and to donate toward that campaign.
  3. An address like is hard to put on a banner which Rollen would like to have displayed at events. A banner would help, obviously, with informing people of the above two points.

I need a regular website, one that is short and easy to remember. Until I get one, please continue scrolling down this website to get more of the story.

Not to worry George 2 months does not a blog make. Sorry about the cliche'. It's happening trust me. Lets be patient. Readers look for the rainbow man john 3:16 web site on or about feb 1st.
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